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new esseude hop eyeglass

new esseude hop eyeglass

$ 490.00

he cat-eye cat-shape is certainly the feminine design for excellence. With it, the eyewear history has been traced back to the 1940s. Essedue’s designers wanted to embrace the idea with a model that highlights the femininity of the look.

Hop is a women’s eyewear that is a classic vintage with regular shapes, thin, light weight and durable, for everyday use and especially for those with a dynamic and vibrant life.

It’s part of the #UrbanCapsule collection, so it has a different color detail on the front to the right, to stand out from the mass and at the same time capture the attention from the details.

The cellulose acetate frame is Mazzucchelli 1849, leader in the field. Hop is a spectacular, elegant Eskewee eyewear produced by ESSEDUE.

Cat-eye spectacles?

Cat-eye, typically, forms cat eyes. Who knows is a very famous cartoon. Error! But it is an evergreen fashion that comes from the past and is solid and firm in the female imagination. Not to mention the male one. Remembrance of the forties of the twentieth century, cat-eye spectacles evoke the suicide and dangerous look of felines. As true cat eyes they have a pointed shape outward, slightly raised to the end of their eyebrows, just like the happy and ambitiously projected to the sky.



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